Six Ways For Makeup To Stay Fresh


Makeup is a good way to enhance the beauty you already have and experiment with color. If you do not take the proper precautions, your makeup can come off as easily as you put it on. The following article will let you know how to keep your makeup on your face so you do not have to keep reapplying it throughout the day.

One way to keep your eyes looking good for the entire day is to purchase waterproof mascara. This is a great idea because mascara is one of those things that can come off quite easily, Sweating hard, bad weather and crying can all make your eyes look like they belong to a raccoon when mascara starts to run. Wearing waterproof mascara will keep your eyes looking good regardless of any of these factors.

When you are looking for lip and eye liner, you should look for ones that are liquid. The pencil liners do not last nearly as long as the liquid ones. The good thing is that you do not have to use as much of the liquid because it is quite heavy. Liquid liner is more expensive than the other type, but it is worth it to know that your makeup will stay on for longer.

Brow powder smears quite easily, so you should think about setting the color with a brow gel. Many people do not know about this, so consider yourself ahead of the loop. All you have to do is apply brow powder the same as you normally would. After you do that, take a small amount of brow gel and apply it to the brow area. This will set the makeup you applied, so it will last much longer.

When you put on your eyeshadow, do it with an applicator that is a little damp. The moistness of the makeup will help it stay in place. This is also a good idea to use for any powder-based makeup. It is very difficult to keep powder in the same place for very long, so wetting the applicator will help it stay on.

You should use a moisturizer on your face daily, but you need to be sure to use one that will not help your makeup come off your face. There are several moisturizers available that have a mattifying effect, and you should purchase one of these. It will keep your face hydrated without causing your makeup to slide off of your face.

Try to keep your hands off of your face, since that is the number one way that makeup gets ruined. You do not want to ruin the beauty of your face by touching your face when there is no need for that. Try your best to keep your hands off unless it is absolutely necessary.

Applying makeup should not be a chore that you have to do throughout the day. You should be able to apply it once and have it last until the day is done. The article above will help you get the most out of each makeup application.

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