My Top Five Products for Good Health


Staying healthy can be a challenge for teens and employed adults. Being surrounded by restaurants and fast food places are big temptations for unhealthy eating when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

While researching the internet, I have found a few products that help maintain a good healthy lifestyle.  The product line is Iaso by Total Life Changes.  The Iaso product line is all natural and offers immediate benefits.   My products of choice are:

Iaso Product Line

Iaso Tea

The Iaso Tea is a full body detox tea that cleanses the body to get rid of toxins, parasites, and undigested waste.  You can lose up to five pounds in five days.  Click here to lose weight.


Iaso Nutraburst

Don’t like vegetables? No problem. Taking this vitamin is just like eating ten salads a day and all you need is one tablespoon!  Click here to get your tablespoon.


Iaso Coffee Line

Are you tired of paying over $3.00 for Starbucks every morning? Well I’ve got the solution for you! Iaso Cafe provides you with many options of delicious and healthy drinks including gourmet coffee, cappuccino, and even hot chocolate for the people who are not too big on coffee. These drinks help wake you up without poisoning your body with caffeine.  Click here to get your gourmet on.



Iaso Emu Oil

Total Life Changes has a product called Emu Oil that can heal almost your whole body. This healing oil penetrates seven layers of skin and provides nutrients to each layer.  Click here to get your oils.


Iaso Scented Oils

Instead of paying for scented wax almost every month, just use Total Life Changes scented oils! With these oils, you only need two-three drops to make a whole room smell to your delight! Also you can use these oils on your skin. For example, with just a drop on your finger and  a rub to your temple, our peppermint oil can get rid of any headache sinus pain you may have!  Click here to get your oils.

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