Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Makeup Bag


Do you have a bag that you keep handy filled with all of your beauty supplies? That is a good idea if you are a woman that is constantly on the go. Regardless of what you have inside this bag, there are a few things that should not be left out. Keep reading to find out exactly what should be in there.

Foundation is exactly what it sounds like. This is what helps build the foundation of any makeup regimen. Use this to make sure that your skin is always even in tone and any blemishes are covered up. You should use one that complements your skin tone as perfectly as possible. It is not very flattering to have a shade on your face that is dramatically different than that of the rest of your body.

Many women do not realize the importance of a good face powder. They make the mistake of believing that it is all about evening the skin tone. While this can help with that as well, the idea is to stop your skin from being overly shiny. Dry skin is not the goal, but you do not want your skin to shine brighter than the sun. Apply a light amount of powder to the face, and it will keep you looking fresh.

Blush is one of those makeup items that you should never leave at home. This is one thing that can turn you from ho-hum to hot in a few minutes. The purpose of blush is to enhance the natural curve of your cheekbones. Do not apply so much of it to your face that you end up looking like a clown.

Eyeshadow is essential and you should have a good variety of colors on hand. The color that works best for you while you are toiling away at work is not the same as the one you should wear to go the club with your friends. Also, you can change hues depending on what are going to wear.

Mascara is a must-have for your makeup bag if you want to make your eyelashes look longer. You would be amazed at how different you can look after applying a bit of it to your short lashes. If your lashes are already long, use mascara to make sure they are always looking their best.

Lip color is something that you should never forget at home. Make sure that this is one of the things at the top of your makeup bag. Use one that has plenty of moisturizer in it so your lips are not left looking chapped once you take it off. If you are not a fan of lipstick, you can try using a gloss that has color added to it.

The thing about makeup is that it can be as exciting or subtle as you want it to be. You have the power to be as creative as you want in order to help your beauty shine through. When you fill up your makeup bag, do not forget to include the items mentioned here.

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