Is Exercise Getting Boring?


When your exercise routine begins to bore you, remember its benefits and the science behind working out.
Regular exercise taken properly can achieve the increased use of food by the body, which contributes to health and fitness. The metabolism in the body will begin to increase throughout the weeks of physical exercise. Here are ten important benefits of regular exercise.

  1. Regular progressive physical exercise can improve the nervous system. The tone of the vagus nerve, one of the nerves that control sensation and motion, is strengthened. This accounts for stronger pulse waves, higher metabolism and better circulation.
  2. Exercise can prevent or reduce gravitational ptosis (drooping of the eyelid). Ptosis results from uneven flow of blood in the feet, legs and lower abdomen.
  3. Improved capillary action in the working of muscular and brain tissue results from exercise carried to the point of real endurance. This permits greater blood flow and gives the muscles, including the heart, more resistance to fatigue. Massage, heat and moderate exercise are relatively ineffective in producing additional capillary action as compared with vigorous exercise.
  4. The full use of the lungs in vigorous exercise can reduce or prevent lung congestion due to lymph accumulation.
  5. Gas and intra-intestinal accumulations can be reduced by exercise that acts to knead and squeeze or vibrate the intra-intestinal mass.
  6. Better respiratory reserve is developed by persistent exercise. This ensures better breath holding, especially after a standard exercise. With greater respiratory reserves, exercise become easier.
  7. Exercise can also release endorphins from the body, leading to a happier mood and more confident personality.
  8. Sweating in exercise aids kidneys by helping to eliminate waste from the body.
  9. Consistent exercise leads to improvement in quality of blood. Studies have shown improved hemoglobin levels, relatively greater alkalinity, improved total protein content and a greater red cell count.
  10. Systemic exercise promotes physical strength and mental vigor and strengthens will power and self control leading to harmonious development of the whole system.

During a workout, you should always stay hydrated by drinking water and getting the proper nutrients once your workout is completed. I recommend Nutraburst, a multivitamin that has all of the nutrients to support healthy recovery from exercise.


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